North Atlantic Conference Basketball Tape Exchange Policy

  1. Each team can request 1 videotape/dvd (league only) from each NAC institution in writing by January 15th .
  2. No scrimmages or exhibitions can be requested.
  3. Each institution is responsible for mailing the requested game tape/dvd to the appropriate school within 3 days of the filmed contest (sent regular mail only).
  4. All contests should be dubbed on a NEW, high, quality VHS videotape or dvd.
  5. If the host school has any problems with taping, dubbing, etc? the opponent should agree to assist and send the requester a copy of the requested game.
  6. Each game tape/dvd should include a box score from the game.
  7. Protocol for filming games:
  1. Audio should be used.
  2. Show scoreboard at the start of the half, each timeout and any extended deadball situation (injury, etc.).
  3. Tapes/dvd must include all action during the game, including foul shots and out-of-bounds play.
  4. Host institutions should do on-sight dubbing and give a VHS tape/dvd to opponent at the completion of the game.
  1. A fine of $25.00 shall be placed on the institution each time they do not follow through with the tape exchange policy.
  2. Dissemination of scouting information on member institutions to non-conference institutions is not permitted by any means (tape, dvd, phone, e-mail, written materials etc.)  It is permissible to share scouting information about conference opponents with other conference members.
  3. All videotape/dvd exchange issues must be presented in writing to the appropriate basketball chair, with a copy to the Commissioner, within 5 days of the reported violation.