Lyndon State had 7 results, including the NAC Championship, vacated by the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

2014 Men's Cross Country Schedule

Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
August 29 vs. Castleton @ Mayflower Kickoff Meet 8th/10
  at New England College
  vs. Colby-Sawyer @ Mayflower Kickoff Meet 2nd/10
  at New England College
  vs. Maine Maritime @ Mayflower Kickoff Meet 7th/10
  at New England College
  vs. New England College @ Mayflower Kickoff Meet 5th/10
  at New England College
  vs. Thomas @ Mayflower Kickoff Meet 9th/10
  at New England College
August 30 vs. Husson @ 6th Annual Fens Classic 7th/8
  at Back Bay Fens
  vs. Johnson State @ SUNY Canton Kangaroo Invitational 3rd/5
September 06 vs. Maine-Farmington @ Husson Invitational 3rd/4
  vs. Husson @ Husson Invitational 4th/4
  vs. Maine Maritime @ Husson Invitational 2nd/4
  vs. Johnson State @ Race to the Rock NTS
September 07 vs. Green Mountain @ Castleton Invitational NTS
  vs. Castleton @ Castleton Invitational 3rd/7
  vs. Colby-Sawyer @ Castleton Invitational 1st/7
  vs. New England College @ Castleton Invitational 4th/7
  vs. Thomas @ Castleton Invitational 5th/7
September 13 vs. Castleton @ Mountaineer Invitational 2nd/8
  at Southern Vermont
  vs. Green Mountain @ Vermont Tech Invitational NTS
  vs. Johnson State @ Franklin Pierce Invitational 8th/9
  vs. Maine-Farmington @ Bowdoin Invitational 6th/6
  vs. Lyndon State @ Bowdoin Invitational Results Vacated
  vs. Maine Maritime @ Bowdoin Invitational 5th/6
  vs. Thomas @ Univ. of New England Invitational 8th/12
September 20 vs. Colby-Sawyer @ Aldrich Invitational 6th/7
  at Middlebury
  vs. Green Mountain @ Johnson State Invitational NTS
  vs. Johnson State @ Johnson State Invitational 2nd/4
  vs. Castleton @ UMass-Dartmouth Invitational 21st/34
  vs. Husson @ UMass-Dartmouth Invitational 28th/34
  vs. New England College @ UMass-Dartmouth Invitational 25th/34
  vs. Maine Maritime @ Unity Invitational 2nd/2
September 27 vs. Castleton @ Codfish Bowl 7th/11
  at Franklin Park
  vs. Colby-Sawyer @ Purple Valley Classic 12th/21
  at Williams
  vs. Lyndon State @ Purple Valley Classic Results Vacated
  at Williams
  vs. New England College @ Purple Valley Classic 21st/21
  at Williams
  vs. Maine-Farmington @ Gordon Pop Crowell Invitational 6th/13
  vs. Husson @ Bowdoin Invitational 8th/8
  vs. Maine Maritime @ Bowdoin Invitational 6th/8
  vs. Thomas @ Bowdoin Invitational 7th/8
October 04 vs. Castleton @ Vermont State Meet 5th/7
  at Vermont Technical College
  vs. Green Mountain @ Vermont State Meet NTS
  at Vermont Technical College
  vs. Johnson State @ Vermont State Meet 6th/7
  at Vermont Technical College
  vs. Lyndon State @ Vermont State Meet Results Vacated
  at Vermont Technical College
  vs. Maine Maritime @ Keene State Invitational 7th/12
  vs. New England College @ Keene State Invitational 5th/12
  vs. Maine Maritime @ Colby Invitational 4th/4
  vs. Husson @ Colby Invitational NTS
  vs. Thomas @ Colby Invitational 2nd/4
October 11 vs. Colby-Sawyer @ James Earley Invitational 8th/37
  at Westfield
  vs. Husson @ James Earley Invitational 28th/37
  at Westfield
  vs. Lyndon State @ New England Open Results Vacated
  at Franklin Park, Mass.
  vs. New England College @ James Earley Invitational 13th/37
  at Westfield
  vs. Johnson State @ St. Joseph's College Runnin' Monks Invitational 6th/8
  vs. Maine-Farmington @ St. Joseph's College Runnin' Monks Invitational 4th/8
  vs. Thomas @ St. Joseph's College Runnin' Monks Invitational 5th/8
October 17 vs. New England College @ Saints Invitational 8th/20
  at Emmanuel College
October 18 vs. Green Mountain @ Green Mountain Invitational 5th/5
  vs. Castleton @ Green Mountain Invitational 2nd/5
  vs. Johnson State @ Green Mountain Invitational 3rd/5
  vs. Colby-Sawyer @ WNE Golden Bears Invitational T2nd/18
  at Western New England
  vs. Lyndon State @ WNE Golden Bears Invitational Results Vacated
  at Western New England
  vs. Maine-Farmington @ Maine State Championship 7th/11
  vs. Husson @ Maine State Championship 10th/11
  vs. Maine Maritime @ Maine State Championship 8th/11
  vs. Thomas @ Maine State Championship 9th/11
October 24 vs. Maine-Farmington @ Thomas College Invitational 1st/2
  vs. Thomas @ Thomas College Invitational 2nd/2
October 25 vs. Green Mountain @ Plansky Invitational NTS
  at Williams
November 02 vs. All Teams @ NAC Championships Lyndon Win Vacated
  at Castleton
November 08 vs. Colby-Sawyer @ ECAC Championships 19th/43
  vs. Castleton @ ECAC Championships 27th/43
  vs. New England College @ ECAC Championships 20th/43
  vs. Maine Maritime @ ECAC Championships 40th/43
  vs. Husson @ ECAC Championships NTS
November 15 vs. Castleton @ NCAA Regionals 34th/54
  vs. Colby-Sawyer @ NCAA Regionals 19th/54
  vs. UMaine-Farmington @ NCAA Regionals 42nd/54
  vs. Husson @ NCAA Regionals NTS
  vs. Johnson State @ NCAA Regionals NTS
  vs. Lyndon State @ NCAA Regionals Results Vacated
  vs. Maine Maritime @ NCAA Regionals 37th/54
  vs. New England College @ NCAA Regionals 33rd/54
  vs. Thomas @ NCAA Regionals 48th/54
November 22 vs. Lyndon's Scheibenpflug @ NCAA Championship 42nd/280
  Golf Center at King's Island (Mason, Ohio)